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General Dentist Steamboat Springs


Our practice philosophy is to provide the community of Routt County with comfortable, modern, and affordable dental care. Just because we live in rural Colorado, we shouldn’t have to compromise our oral health. To that end, our aim is to provide oral healthcare at the highest level that is accessible to every member of our community.


Intra-Oral Camera

Our practice is outfitted with the most up to date intraoral cameras. These devices allow your doctor to better communicate your potential problems, and the means by which we can resolve it.


Iso-dry is the latest technology in dental isolation. This comfortable device allows easier visibility and more efficient saliva removal. This isolation is paramount when providing modern adhesive dentistry and insures a long-lasting restoration.

Electric Handpieces

Old air-driven handpieces are noisy and uncomfortable. Our practice is updated with electric handpieces in every operatory in order to make your visit more efficient and comfortable.

Digital Xrays

We utilize digital intra-oral and panoramic x-rays. Digital x-rays allow significantly lower exposure to patients, while yielding an extremely high resolution product. This results in more sensitive and accurate diagnoses, resulting in more efficient dental care.

Dental Loupes

Dr. Joy utilizes dental loupes to perform all dental procedures procedures under high magnification. These loupes illuminate and magnify an otherwise dark and minute area.


Our hygienists utilize ultrasonic activated instruments, which allow for a more thorough cleaning at your next visit. These instruments help to gently vibrate off your dental plaque rather than a simple scrubbing or scraping, which can be inefficient and painful.


Covid-19 has affected all of us, and dentistry is no different. We have taken additional measures to keep you safe while getting needed dental care. We are instating a virtual waiting room. When you arrive please call our office and stay in your car--we will walk out any needed paperwork for you to sign. Once your operatory is ready, we will call you directly in. Additional time has been added to our schedule to minimize patient overlap, and to allow for more significant ventilation in between patients. We have also onboarded the Iso-Dry system to our practice. This device constantly suctions saliva from the mouth, and greatly diminishes aerosol formation. Operatory doors as well as UV air filters have been added to each operatory.


We are conveniently located right near downtown Steamboat Springs at the corner of South Lincoln Ave and Hilltop Lane.

440 S Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487